• Letter sent from Perleberg to Penckejitz (?) on december 24, 1831. All over punched and disinfected as attested with GERAUCHERT cachet, 52X10 mm.Can somebody help where the letter was disinfected?

  • The letter was sent to Penkefitz (Kingdom of Hanover) and was disinfected there. As far as I know Björn is specialised in Hanover ...

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  • Dear Hedy,

    The boxed cachets "GERAUCHERT" from Hanover all differ slightly:

    • in dimension
    • some have a dot after the "T" some not
    • sometimes the frame is broken by the dots over "A", sometimes not
    • The Letters are shifted to the top (or centered)

    In your case the type can be classified as followed:


    • Dimension: 52,5 X 8 mm
    • No Dot after "T"
    • Broken Frame for the dots over "A"
    • Letter are shifted to the top

    This type can be associated with Gartow, which is the rastel station where disinfection took place. In my register I have 5 letters with this cachet date within the following period: 24.09.1831 - 7.1.1832

    I have attached another letter (Potsdam via Gartow and Lüneburg to Eckendorf - 24.9.1831) with the same cachet and a handwritten mark "Gartow" (at the top in the center), which is the proof that this type was used at this place (in addtion there is a list dated from 24.10.1831 from the General-Post-Directorium in Hanover regarding all rastels planned or in place on which Gartow as an active rastel station is stated as well).

  • Dear Bjoren

    Thank you very much. It is a great help.


  • I have a letter from Sankt Petersburg to Bremen. Disinfected twice. First at Nimmerstatt and second at Hannover. The GERAUCHERT cachet has a stop after "T". Is this the cachet you mention with stop? The letter was sent on Oct 1831. Do you know if they are specific periods when the different chachets were use?

    Thank you again for all the help.

  • Dear Hedy,

    you can find a similar letter also from St. Petersburg (September 8th) to Bremen (passing Memel at September 18th) here:

    The route of your and mine letter was to my opinion: St. Petersburg - Nimmersatt - Memel - Berlin - Magdeburg - Othfresen - Hildesheim - Hanover - Bremen

    Disinfection took place in Nimmersatt and Othfresen (Kingdom of Hanover).

    The GERAUCHERT-Cache of Othfresen can be classified as followed:

    • Dimension: 52 X 8 mm
    • Dot after "T" (just a little bit higher than the rest of the letters)
    • Broken Frame for the dots over "A"
    • Letter are shifted to the top

    This type can be associated with Othfresen, proved by the following attached letter (there is an handwritten mark just below the cachet "und das Pq. äußerlich gereinigt Othfresen“ (lit. "and the Parcel disinfected from the outside Othfresen").

  • Thank you so much. I apreciate very much your help.

  • sorry - the attachment was missing in my last statement - now the attachment is available (see above)

  • Dear Björn,

    Thank you very much for the excellent explanation! Does the cachets of the other towns which used the "GERÄUCHERT" cachet (Goslar, Elbingerode, ...) also have specific characteristics?

    The postal route you suggested "St. Petersburg - Nimmersatt - Memel - Berlin - Magdeburg - Othfresen - Hildesheim - Hanover - Bremen" seems to be correct.

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