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  • JohnG

    Good evening. I haven't visited for a long time, hopefully without consequences. I'd like to continue our discussion, but perhaps a new thread is in order. Allow me to reiterate that my primary interest is in the contents, not in the (pre)philatelic…
  • Dear all,

    I would like to inform you, that the collection of Denis Vandervelde wil be sold at Cavendish-Auctions (in total 230 lots, including many unique or rare items). This will be a festival for disinfected mail and to honour Denis as the founder…
  • twinklefeet

    Hello Friends

    I thought to share an item I have:

    CEYLON 1861 SG 6 pence Cover to Bombay, India with 2 punche holes by a disinfecting apparatus. Apperently there was a cholera epidemic in Bombay at the time. I collect Ceylon covers, and this is the only…
  • Hedy

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    The D.M.S.C. was founded in London in 1973, with the blessing of the late Dr. K.F. Meyer, World Health Organization authority on plague, and editor of an incomplete pioneering work, Disinfected Mail, published in Kansas in 1962. It was Dr. Meyer’s wish that research into the topic should continue, which led to the publication by D.M.S.C. of authoritative articles and monographs on the practice of disinfection and quarantine in all parts of the world. Many countries, like Portugal, Spain, Egypt,…