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    Dear Bjoern,
    thank you very much for your answer. Apologize if I could not answer before, but I was busy all the day.
    Absolutely interesting to me what you wrote. I am having trouble to recovery pages of the Meyer's book, and honestly it is not a…
  • Bjoern

    Sorry - I have no expertise in this topic. I just can tell that in book of K.F. Meyer "Disinfected Mail" (page 234) it is stated for Duchy of Parma:

    "... A folded letter from Genova addressed to Parma, dated 1836, in the collection of K.F. Meyer shows six…
  • Dear all, I am searching information on how letters have been perfored during the 1836 epidemy in the Duchy of Parma. The type of perforations I have found are different from the one it was used in the next 1855 epidemy. I would ask support for letters…
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    How do I complete the activation process??? !!!!


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