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  • Dear Andre, I am new in "disinfected" mail, and probably it will not become my focus, even though I find it highly interesting. I am collecting thematic and would need for "Disinfection" a thematic piece related to it. I have now a "disinfected letter" which has been sent from Constantinopel to Gera (Saxony). It crossed Austria entering this rqyaume in Semlin, since it was cancelled with the cancel Type "K" )"Netto di fuora et "- space -" di dentro"). My question is now, when was this cancel used in Semlin? I could not find any information on this in the net.
    Thanks for your help
  • Hi Andre, I need some help using the site. My first aim is to put up a letter with a cachet that is completely new, on a letter that has been through Aleksinac. How can I put photos onto the site, and where should they be placed to best elicit an answer?
    I have recently received a LV for a 4 frame exhibit, and am preparing a 5 frame exhibit for NZ next March.
    Cheers, John
    • Hi, John, Nice to hear from you and your exhibition plans. For opening a new thread about a cachet from Aleksinac please go to Serbia in the forum. Than choose "+ create thread". Now you can type in your text. For adding pictures please click on "Attachments" (please give attention to the limited max. file size). I am looking forward to your article. All the best, André