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  • Hello Bjoern, I am trying to register, but my activation code never arrives. I tried several emails. Please help/ My email Thanks, Greg Mirsky, Rossica Librarian
  • I sent you an email as well. My user is lbigfoot. I have two emails:
  • I am trying to register but my activation code doesn't seem to be being sent to my email address. I have checked mu 'junk' and another email address. Any Ideas?
  • Hi Björn; if you wish to discuss directly french/german disinfected contents, here is my email :
  • Dear Bjoern,
    thank you very much for your answer. Apologize if I could not answer before, but I was busy all the day.
    Absolutely interesting to me what you wrote. I am having trouble to recovery pages of the Meyer's book, and honestly it is not a cheap book. DO you know if there is some website from which I can recovery the pages about Parma? I am having here in from of me the Ravasini's book, but information on Parma a very few, and some of them are not correct as per my opinion.
    • Dear Dallara,
      sorry for my late reply - but now I finally scaned the page out of Meyer (refer to original post). Unfortunately the information is rather short - so i assume a lot of room for further research