ISRAEL 2018 World Stamps Championship was a Great success for DMSC members

  • In Jerusalem took place the F.I.P World Stamps Championship 2018. It's open the doors on 27th of May and closed on the 31. Three members of DMCS presented exhibits. Mr. Franco Rigo, Venice, the Contagion, the Quarantine, the Disinfection, the Hospitals. It is an outstanding exhibit. Mr Rigo changed the title from previous exhibitions. The exhibit was in front of mine (Prephilately and Foreign Posts in the Danubian Principalities). The third exhibit it is of Mr Guy Dutau. It is fantastic. The title is: French Letters Purified in Metropolitan and Occupied Countries. From the Origin to End of the XIX Century. My exhibit has one and a half frames of disinfected mail. All three got Large Gold. I had a great pleasure to see the exhibits and the results.

  • Congratulations to all of you three.