Sent Acre (Palestine) to Livorno in 1689. Was it disinfected?

  • Hi all

    I have this item: 1689. Sent Acre in Turkish Syria (Palestine) to Francois Venturini in Livorno, Italy. Endorsed 'par Capt. Carbonneau' via Marseille with Q.D.C. Part of the Venturini archives.

    Some auction catalogues say that the mail was disinfected, but here I cannot see any visible evidence.



  • Hello Lawrence

    the manuscript mention "par voye de Marseille", reminds the later cancel "VOYE DE MER PAR MARSEILLE" who is said buy G Dutau p417 of his book to have been associated to the sanitation service, could suggest it has been disinfected; however it seems to have been written by the sender here

    being very early, (earliest disinfected date in Marseille is a 1601 letter from Alep) , France did have a document "Arrest de la cour du parlement ( de Provence )" dated 1629 , mentioning that coversshould be "perfumed" with fumes of laurel, geniper, and rosmarine OR immersed in vinegar ; I have a "reglement sanitaire" booklet of 1789, mentioning the same methods, in addition to slitting

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