Double disinfection Storie and Trieste

  • Letter from Krain (Carniola) Landrecht (state jurisdiction) at Laibach, Ljubljana, thru Storie, Trieste, Clusone to Tollmezzo, in the province of Udine, 24 April 1832.

    Double disinfection.

    First open and disinfected at Storie, resealed with red wax: "K.K. CONTUMAZ ANSTALT IN STORIE", 21x18 mm.

    Storie, today "Storje" on the border between Trieste and Carniola, now in Slovenia territory, served as a terrestrial sanitary cordon.

    Second disinfection at Trieste

    Disinfected by scorching and struck on front with "Netto di fuori e / Netto di dentro" in red.

    Cachet used 1831-1842

    White discoloration spot where the letter was kept with tongs.

    Ex. Ravasini, described by K. Meyer on page 101 of "DISINFECTED MAIL" without to show photos.

  • Thank you for showing this interesting letter!