Where it was disinfected?

  • Letter sent from Salonica to Venice. Written, m.s. on July 15,1745, sent with forwarding agent Josef & Const(ine) "mero di pronto a Floro"
    (lit. given to Josef & Const. quick to Floro).

    Mr. Rigo states in his splendid collection at page 22 that "in Venice letters were never disinfected by exposure to heat: hence they never show the typical brown color".

    Where this letter was disinfected? I hope somebody can help.

  • There is an online exhibition of the collection"The postal history of Tessaloniki" by George Thomareis on the following website:


    Album page four

    "In the 18th century, before the establishment of formal post offices, the mail distribution from and to Tessaloniki, was taking pace either by cargo boats, or by land, on horseback. The first that offered such "organized service were the Venetians: Folded letter from Thessaloniki, July 27 1709 via Livorno, to Venezia. The letter traveled by boat."

    This letter is addressed to the same addressee as your letter.


    In the lower left corner of your letter there is a note about the route of your letter. Can you read it?

  • Can be "via ancona"?

  • Dear Hedy,

    I read the same in the first line. (I do not know for sure if both lines are crossed out). We know that there was a postal route Ragusa–Ancona–Venice. This will be in line with the guess of Denis that the letter probably was sent via Ragusa.

    The collection of Luciano de Zanche ( L.DE ZANCHE, The disinfection of the mail coming from the Levant before 1830 ) has some information about the disinfection in Ancona in the section "2. Letters not carried by official postal services – Disinfection in Ancona". There is also a letter from Smyrna to Venice with discoloring and two slits.

  • Yes it is V. ancona. Now it is clear that Denis was right. Second line I believe to be "....che DS", che D(io) S(alvi), God save it!

    Sounds correct?

  • You may be right that it is a talismanic inscription used on maritime mail.


    "che D. S." / "C.D.S" che Dio Salvi

    "che. D.P." / "C.D.P" che Dio Protega

    "che D. G." / "C.D.G." che Dio Guardi


    "Q.D.G." Que Deus Guia (Which God Guide)

    "V.C.D." Vá Com Deus (May God go with you)


    "Q.D.C." Que Dieu Conduise (Which God Guide)

    "D.L.C." Dieu le Conduise (Whom God Guide)

    "Q.D.M." Que Dieu Mene (Which God Command)

    "Q.D.G." Que Dieu Garde (Which God Protect)

    "D.C.L.N." Dieu Conduira Le Navire (Which God Guide)


    "W.G.P." Which God Protected; Whom God Preserve