Disinfection methods. Letter perforations during the 1836 epidemy

  • Dear all, I am searching information on how letters have been perfored during the 1836 epidemy in the Duchy of Parma. The type of perforations I have found are different from the one it was used in the next 1855 epidemy. I would ask support for letters directed to the DUchy or in transit across it. waiting feedback from the group.

    Thanks in advance

  • Sorry - I have no expertise in this topic. I just can tell that in book of K.F. Meyer "Disinfected Mail" (page 234) it is stated for Duchy of Parma:

    "... A folded letter from Genova addressed to Parma, dated 1836, in the collection of K.F. Meyer shows six uniformally arranged rastel punch holes. This type of perforation for disinfection was common in the Austrian-Hungarian Empire but not in the Italian Duchies or Kingdom. It may have been used at Parma."



  • in addition a scan of the section regarding the Duchy of Parma from the book of K.F. Meyer "Disinfected Mail" (page 234)