An unknown quarantine wax seal

  • An interesting letter was sold in the last month. The letter was sent from Wallachian part of Fokshani to Bucharest. Some explications are needed. Fokshani was a border city divided between Moldavia and Wallachia. Something similar to Berlin till 1989! A quarantine was settled on 1831 at Cerdac on the Milcov River. This letter was sent fast, with a private message; on top written with Cyrillic letters "messenger, messenger, messenger". The sender was Dr Charles Barrozi*, the physician in charge at Cerdac quarantine 1831-1832. He sent the letter to "CINSTITUL COMITET AL CARANTINELOR" (The Honorable Committee of Quarantines) at Bucharest. On the back the red wax seal reads: "KARANTINA CERDACU FOKSHANI" and the Wallachian Eagle in the center. This is the unique known wax seal of Cerdacu quarantine.

    About Dr Barrozi little is known. In 1832 he asked to be paid 800 lei per month. The Wallachian authorities were ready to pay 400. Nothing it is known about the payment. In 1860 we find him as the Sultan Chief Physician.