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    Good Morning. I'm new to this wonderful forum, but I don't know how to add my avatar, sorry!.

    Andre comments that a letter dated in Benicarló (1805). I can show you this dated on March 20, 1805 and addressed to Agde, treated with 5 disinfection punches and sumerged in vinegar. I do not know if it's the same specimen that Nathan describes in his book.

    As you will see, it has:

    -Postmark on two lines; "BE / VALENCIA" in black with poor printing.

    -French postage "8" centimes on the obverse according to the French rate of 1759 for simple letters passed through Barcelona and Perpignan.

    After consulting with Guy Dutau, it could be a disinfection carried out in Spain or through a "Rastel d'Agde", although he is unaware of its use in the French city.

    I hope to hear your opinions about this rare disinfection system in Spain? or France?.

    King regards.



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