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    Good Afternoon,

    Attached a picture from a Letter sent from Funchal (12.12.1855) to Paris (27.12.1855). It was sent from Funchal to Lisbon via s.s. D. Maria from Companhia de Navegação Luso-Brasileira on his return from South America. When it arrived at Lisbon it was processed (17.12.1855) and crossed the Tejo to catch the mala-posta carriage to Badajoz. Then it proceeded to Paris. It paid the first rate of a letter up to 3/8oz using a D. Pedro V, blue 25R stamp, die II. At the destination paid 10 décimes.

    It shows 2 slits indicating it was disinfected. I don’t know where the disinfection occurred. Any idea? Madeira was only affected by cholera on 1856 and Lisbon was clean in December 1855.

    Thank you,