• Letter written on October 25, 1839 in Saint Pierre and Miquelon sent to France via Martinique. M.s "per Monfarieu" (the ship). It was received on December 4th in Martinique and was forward to France. On left uper side it is a eliptic cachet which I suspect it is from the forwarding agent in Martinique ".....OLANY /MARTINIQUE". It is somebody which can help with the complete name and some data? The ship entered in quarantine at Trompeloup. After the letter was slit, not straight , 7.5 mm long not penetrating the whole letter and chemical disinfected a messenger was send to Pauillac post. On front struck with red cachet of Pauillac 20/Jan/40 and on reverse Bordeaux cachet struck in black, 21/Jan/40.

    Charged 11 Decimes calculated from Saint Pierre and Miquelon via Martinique to France. 10 Decimes for the maritime voyage+1 Decimes sea tax. Postal tariff for French Territories. (the tariff it is 4 Decimes, three from Paillac to Bordeaux, 59 km+1 sea tax).

  • Dear Hedy,

    Thank you for showing this interesting item. I'm not an expert in french taxes but I would read "4" décimes (3 déc. Pauillac to Bordeaux, distance 40-80 km, rate of 1828; + 1 déc. ship letter rate).

    According to "La poste maritime Française, Tome 1" by Raymond Salles the postmark "OUTRE-MER PAUILLAC" (Type 1, in red) was used: Oct. 1839–June 1841, May 1843–July 1844, July 1844–Aug. 1847). The same postmark in black was used from Sept.–Oct. 1839, July 1841–April 1843, July 1844.

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  • Dear Andre, thank you very much. You are right. Great help.