"GEREINIGT / VON AUSSEN / NÜRNBERG" oval framed cachet with dotted frame

  • Used on a letter from Nobiallo (near Milano, 20.6.1805) to Landeshut (Silesia) via Free Imperial City of Nuremberg with rastel perforation and fumigation slits.

    Multiple disinfected

    Dimension: 27x21 mm

    Color: red

    Form: oval framed cachet with dotted frame

    Meyer: page 160 (25x20 mm), letter from Naples (24.3.1805) to Leipzig

    Feuser: No. 40

    Grobe: No. 9

    Ravasini: No. 8 (page 328/329)

  • Another letter with this rare cachet "GEREINIGT VON AUSSEN NÜRNBERG".

    The letter was written on July 12th 1805 in Livorno (refer to scan of the letter content), maybe taken by a forwarder to Bavaria (due to the fact that the letter is missing any postal remark from Livorno) and then running by the post via Nuernberg and Prussia (probably Berlin) to Riga.

    Unclear is the cachet "R" on the front of the letter. Similar types of such a cachet were used later (from 1826 onwards) on letters from Russia to Prussia - but not so early like this one (1805) and not for letter going the other way round into Russia.


    Bavarian-rate: 6 Gutegroschen x 4 = 24 Prussian Groschen = 24 russian Kopeks (refer to red 6 on the front-page)

    Prussian-rate: 44 Prussian Groschen + 1,5 special border postage for letter to baltic areas = 45,5 russian Kopeks

    Russian-rate: 28,5 russian Kopeks

    --> in total 98 russion Kopeks (69,5 Kopeks for Prussia) [refer to "tax-tree" on the back-side)

    Has anybody any idea regarding the cachet "R". May it be Italian?

  • Newspaper note about the Briefreinigungsanstalt Nueremberg

    Letters from Italy and Spain for or via Franconia have to been disinfected


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  • Can you give us a brief translation?

  • Regarding the yellow fever.

    Even after the alleged end of the disease in Italy and Spain, there is no certainty that the disease will break out again. Maximum vigilance is prescribed. In addition to the letter cleaning facility in the Bärenschanze near Nuremberg, a depot and Kontumazanstalt as well as a Lazareth are also to be set up.