Galatz Moldavia

  • Pre paid letter sent from Galatz on May 1, 1845 to Genoa with the Austrian post. Double disinfection. First one was done at Galatz. A rectangular cachet with the dimensions 59x8.5 mm and reading "SAU CURATAT" lit. it has been clean" Type I. In the future I shell show the second type. From Galatz the letter passed thru Iassy and Boian quarantine where it was disinfected again and inscribed RN 36. Finally it was received in Genoa on May 10. It was charged 29 kreuzer.

    Added October 5, 2017

    It is important to note that this is a quite rare letter. Only a few pre-paid letters are known sent with Austrian Post from Moldavia to Sardinia.

    Here it was charged 10 kr. C.M. till the Austria-Moldavia border and 19 kr. including the amount to be paid to Sardinian Post. The tariff of April 1, 1844 was used.

    From the 19 kr, 7 kr. were paid to Sardinian Post for transport to Rayon 3 in which Genoa was located.