Income letter into Moldavia disinfected at Boian

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    1. Letter addressed to the Great Postelnic and Knight Alexandru de Theodori (Alexandru Theodoru), doctor of medicine at Roman, Moldavia. The
    2. letter was sent by Austrian consular post from Munich on October 26, 1853, through Vienna October 29. Krakow 30 Oct. disinfected the Boian
    3. quarantine, Czernowitz 3 November. Roman. Dr. Theodori lived in the house he built with a façade on the Roman-Bacau road. The letter was delivered to this address.
    4. Doc. Theodori was the only doctor at Precista Mare Hospital.
    5. Postelnic was a historical rank traditionally held by boyars in Moldavia and Wallachia, roughly corresponding to the position of chamberlain and equivalent to foreign minister.
    6. The postal taxes were 9 Kreutzer for the territory of the Austrian Empire and 6 Kreutzer for the territory of Moldova. Small holes on the front and back of the envelope made to facilitate disinfection.
    7. The number of letters received in the Principality is much smaller than those going out, the proportion being about 1 in 10.