Where it was disinfected?

  • Letter sent from Lipsia to Florence, 1730. Can somebody help with the place of disinfection?

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  • Dear Hedy,

    I have a similar letter of 1733 and there are several other from this correspondence known which are discolored probably by immersion. Apart from the great Plague of Marseille (1720/22) Europe was free of plague for at least the first three decades of the 18th century. Referring to my letter, Denis told me: "My best guess is that this was private treatment by either the forwarders or the recipients, who were receiving business mail from infected areas outside Europe."

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  • Thank you Andre

    As always your help it is very important.

    The provenience of the letter it is from Archive of Angiolini and Frangini in Florence 1701-1740 sold at the auction galleries of Christie's on 30 October 1984. I believe that this is the origin of yours letter too.

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