• Letter sent from Lucerne to Den Haag, disinfected at Arnhem quarantine. The purification was confirmed with the red cachet GEZUIVERD, dimensions 42 X 5 mm.

    Because of the secession of Belgium, Arnhem was also the frontier office for mail from France, from 5 April until 16 July 1832.

    On the upper left side two rows cachet LUCERNE/JUL 4 (1832). In the middle weak cachet SUISSE PAR HUNIGUE applied at Zurich.

    Rhomboid cachet reading "7/A.E/J.F" meaning "affranchie à l'Etranger Jusqu à la Frontière" (lit. postage paid abroad till the border) applied at Huningue border point.

    Charged form the receiver 75 Cents. Can somebody explain the tariff?

    Received 14 July.