• ALEKSINAC AND SEMLIN (Zemun) disinfection. Letter from Veles (12 September 1856) to Pest sent by Aromanian trade post office, manual annotation on the reverse. It passed through Serbian quarantine in Aleksinac at entrance to Serbia and Austrian quarantine at Semlin on the border Ottoman-Austrian Empires, At Semlin it was transferred to Austrian postal system, cachets: Semlin 17/9, Belgrade 17/9 and Pesth Frűh (early) 19/9. The receiver had to pay nine Kreutzer.

    First disinfection at Aleksinac resealed with red wax: "ALEKSINAC KARANTIN" type 1h, Dr Velizar Kardosh. Semlin second disinfection confirmed with black cachet "SIGILLUM SANITATIS".