Disinfection on the French Paquebots

  • Letter sent from Constantinople to Athens. On front CONSTANTINOPLE TURQUIE 5 JUIN. 50 cachet of French Levant Post office and boxed orange-red "PD" (Paye a destination). It was received at Athens on 27 May. Disinfected with two lateral slits on French Paquebots as per Mr. A. Virvilis study.

  • Dear Hedy,

    Where was the study by A. Virvilis published?

    Yours sincerely,


  • Dear Andre

    First it was mention by K. Meyer in his book, page 176. Mr. Virvilis published in Philotelia, Greece. He confirmed it to me. Mention by Mr. Galinos too.

  • Dos this mean that the disinfection took place on the ship an not in an lazaretto?