An interesting postal history letter disinfected at Rothenturn

  • At a recent auction an interesting letter was sold . Envelope from Bucharest to London, 1839. On front BUKUREST (straight-line of Austrian Post) disinfected at Rothenturn, Austrian quarantine at the border between Valachia and Transylvania, with red wax seal ("ROTHENT.. SIGIL: SANITATIS" with fancy coat-of-arms in centre) and similar blurred black cachet, having two 9th Jan. 1840 cds (of the Last Day of the Uniform 4d Postage Period) of both London Foreign Branch & General Post (partly over-struck) on the side-flap; charged "1/4" incoming foreign postage and then a further "4" (Last Day inland rate for redirection from London to Tunbridge). A nice disinfected piece of postal history.