Wax-seal of the quarantine station of Schuppanek

  • Letter from Constantinople (Aug. 10th, 1822) to Triest (Aug. 31st, 1822). The letter was opened, disinfected and resealed.

    Which Contumaz-Amt used this wax-seal? "CONTUMAZ AMT T???" Triest?


  • I forget to mention that it is really unusual that the eagle holds the sword is on the right side and the orb on the left side.

  • Good news. I found photographs of the same seal in the book "Österreichische und ungarische Posteinrichtungen in den Donaufürstentümern 1782-1880" (Part 1, page 144) by Dr. G. Gmach. The seal was found on letters from Constantinople to Triest and Germany in 1822 and was used by the quarantine station of Schuppanek.

  • A number "2" it is written under the wax seal. This means two kreutzer charged for disinfection.