Brasilia 2017 World Stamps Exhibition

  • I just came back from Brasilia 2017. It was a very long way to there with 55 kilograms of exhibits. The exhibition was a very good one with 2800 frames. Many collections from different categories included disinfected mail. Some items were real gems. My collection of disinfected mail did well being award Gold.

    Our subject it is very interesting for the public. The organizers asked me to explain to young students about the topic. I did it five times.

    I was offer two envelopes from the end of 17th century sent from the King of Portugal to Brasília. both has what was described as chisel slits. I think that this letters where not disinfected. The dealer refused to let me make photos.

    Now I am back to the desk to make changes for the next exhibit, Jerusalem 2018.

  • Dear Hedy,

    Congratulation to your Gold medal :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: and your feedback from the exhibition! My experience is that there are only a few collectors worldwide specialized in disinfected mail but there are a lot of collectors interested in this subject because they have some some letters added to there country or topic collection.

    Kind regards,


    P.S. Denis told me that he is considering to enter the FIP International in Jerusalem in May.