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Rothenthurn early wax seal and the Austrian Post routes 1803

First article was written in 1999 and published in Pratique. The last figure. number 4, shows a letter from 1811 and Not 1921 as printed by mistake. During almost half a century it was an intrigue gape with no any letters bearing cachets and wax seals from Rothenturn. In Pratique vol xxiii-1, 1998, the late Prof. Luciano de Zanche published an interesting article "CONTUMAZ AMTE", 1720-1835, between Constantinople and Vienna. He explained the terrestrial routes which were in use. In his opinion in the period August 1800-1804 the Austrian mail was sent via Sofia, Nish, Belgrade and Pesth. Disinfection at Semlin. Second article in Romanian. In an article published in the Romanian "FILATELIA" I presented a letter sent from Constantinople to Hodimont on July 10, 1803. It was open for disinfection and resealed with Rothenthurn wax seal "ROTHENTHVRN SIGIL. SA..." (nitas). The earliest known use of wax sigilium at Rothenthurn. This letter shows that during the year 1803 the Austrian post used, at least for a certain period of time, the route Constantinople-Schumla-Rustschuck-Bucharest-Rothenthurn-Herrmanstadt-Temesvar-Pest-Vienna.


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