"Gereinigt in Frankfurt a/M."

  • Here is another example of this cachet (latest usage in my record list):

    Letter from Hamburg via Frankfurt am Main and Strassbourg to Lyon (arrival 10.02.1832).

    Disinfection in

    • Hamburg (TT-Post-Office) - refer to pattern of perforation
    • Frankfurt am Main (TT-Post-Office) - refer to cachet
    • France ???
  • France usually used chisels (Meißeldurchstechung). I don't believe that the cover was additionally disinfected there.

    I was not aware that the cover has a slit by a chisel. According to an article in Pratique XXXII it was probably additionally disinfected at Strasbourg.

  • At the moment a publication commemorating the 140th anniversary of my local philatelistic club in Frankfurt is planned and I a have agreed on to write an articel about disinfection in Frankfurt am Main.

    To do this I have updated my registry of known letters (please refer to the attachment). Can somebody add something to this list?

    Any remarks would be appriciated.

  • Dear Björn,

    Unfortunately I have no additions to your list which covers more letters than I have ever seen.

    Kind regards,