1833 – Letter from Gibraltar via Spain and France to Genoa (Sardinia)

  • Letter written Nov. 13th, 1833 in Gibraltar and sent overland to Genoa. During 1833/34 the Cholera was ragging on the Iberian Peninsula. The letter has a 18 mm fumigation slit. Denis Vandervelde and Richard Garcia report in their booklet "Gibraltar – Quarantine and Disinfection of Mail" from letters with a similar slit which were sent from Gibraltar to Schiedam. They speculated that these letters were disinfected in St.-Jean-de-Luz. I have seen a letter with this slit sent from Gibraltar to Cadiz in 1833. This lead me to the assumption that the treatment probably already was done in San Roque.

    – "S.ROQUE / FRANCA" = The letter was sent via San Roque and was prepaid until Irun (the exchange Post office to France). The franco of 15 cuartos was noted on the backside of the cover (tariff of 1815: letter up to 5 adarmes from Base Andalusia to Irun).

    – "DE GIBR. / S.ROQUE / ANDA. BAXA" = letter from Gibraltar via San Roque (Base Andalusia)

    – "ESPAGNE PAR / ST. JEAN-DE-LUZ" = the letter entered France in St.-Jean-de-Luz

    – "T F" cachet = transit via France

    – "14 XBRE" = the letter received Genoa on Dec. 14th, 1833

    – The recipient in Genoa had to pay 27 Soldi = 18 Soldi foreign postage (French-Sardinian postal treaty of 1822) + 9 Soldi Sardinian inland postage Nizza-Genoa (Tariff of 1818: 75 to 100 miles = 9 Soldi). The Sardinian post had to pay 36 décimes pro 30g transit letters to the French post.

    French-Sardinian postal treaty of 1822: http://www.dasv-postgeschichte…ownload.asp?file=1171.pdf

    1 Sardinian mile = 2.470 meter

    2 Soldi = 1 décimes