Spanish Cholera Epidemic of 1854/55

  • The disease entered Spain through the Atlantic port city of Vigo in early 1853 and spread rapidly through the surrounding area, became extinguished in the winter of 1854 and appeared in Vigo once again in early May. (source: Encyclopedia of Plague and pestilence, G.C. Kohn)

    Letter from Vigo (March 1st, 1854) to Bilbao (March 7th, 1854) with one 12 mm chisel slit

  • Letter from Marseille (June 20th, 1855) via Perpignan (June 22nd, 1855) to Palma (June 24, 1855) with two 16 mm slits.

    The former collection of D. Antonio Soler Padro had two further letters from this epidemic. The first was sent on August 9th 1854 from Barcelona to Ciutadella (Menorca). The second letter was sent August 31st, 1855 from Barcelona to Palma. Both letters have two slits which looks similar to mine from Marseille to Palma. This leads to the assumption that the disinfection took place in Barcelona.