Interesting disinfection - Portugal

  • During the years little was written about mail disinfection in Portugal. All the examples shown in the few articles I saw where sent from abroad. Denis wrote an article in Pratique vol. XXIX, 2004, no2, pages 36-42 showing some nice examples and gave some data about regulations of quarantine.

    Here I present a letter sent from Porto to Coimbra m.s dated 4 August 1855 and post cachet 5 August. Postage paid 25 Reis. It was twice slit. Each slit 25 mm long. It will be usefully to have more data about disinfection done for letters sent into Portugal.

  • Dear Hedy,

    A very interesting inland letter from the cholera epidemic of 1853/56! In 1855 the cholera reached Portugal through the Douro river in May and it spread from there. The harbour of Oporto was declared dirty on July 1st, 1855. By November/December the epidemic came to an end. I have two Spanish disinfected letters from this epidemic in my collection (Spanish Cholera Epidemic of 1854/55) but none of them is related to Portugal.


    P.S. I have almost all Pratique volumes but vol. XXIX no2 is still missing. Is it possible that you make scans or photographs of the article you were referring to?

  • Dear Andre

    I did a scan of the vol xxix no2 and sent to your mail.