St. Bartholomew Hospital, Muggia (near Triest)

  • As an attraction of the Philatelic Meeting in Graz in 1968 letters and cards were perforated with historic equipment of the St. Bartholomew Hospital in Muggia (near Triest). This historic equipment was also used to celebrate the centenary of the Lazaretto in 1967.

    On ebay I found an interesting offer of these souvenirs. The ebay seller allowed me to use his pictures for our website. Thank you very much!


  • The slits pattern on the original letter it is interesting. Beginning 1843 (the earliest I saw) the Austrians used devices to make rows of slits. I know two places they used this pattern, Trieste and Tomos. I am quite sure that the friends can add more places. No cachets were used in the mean time. In interesting article "Steamships and Quatrantines at Trieste, 1837-1848" by Ronald Coons can add more information about practices at Trieste.