The French lazaret at Mahon "“HOP. DE MAHON – ARMÉE. D’AFR”"

  • On the website ( http://islahospital.blogcindar…tal-frances-de-mahon.html ) I found an interesting article about a French lazaret at Mahon. According to the author there was a treaty between Spain and France in 1837 which allowed the French army (which was operating in Africa) to use the lazaret at Mahon against payment of a fee until Sept. 3rd, 1841. The most interesting fact is, that there was a specific postmark in use: “HOP. DE MAHON – ARMÉE. D’AFR”. Unfortunately there is only one letter with this postmark known. The letter was written on Nov. 30th, 1840 in Locust Wood (USA) and sent via St. Nazaire and Marseille to Mahon. The postmark of the lazaret is dated Feb. 11th, 1841.